Style Ideas


For a sleek and streamlined look, use granite to blend the counter tops and back splash seamlessly. Play with shape and color by using granite tiles instead of slabs. This presents an opportunity to bring in more accent color to a kitchen or bathroom. For example, pair black granite counter tops on red cherry cabinets with an tile background to introduce an accent color.

Other Natural Stones

Slate and marble are popular in contemporary kitchen and bathroom design. Soapstone, limestone and rough river rock can bring other natural materials into the design. Be sure to choose complementary hues when blending stone with granite.

Ceramic and Glass Patterns

Ceramic tile comes in many different colors and can be painted. Glass tiles add texture to a modern or traditional design. Either ceramic or glass can be used to create custom mosaic patterns to match a design theme.

Metal and Mirrored Tile

Mirrored tiles can open up small spaces and keep the style flowing because they reflect the surfaces around them. Metal surfaces are popular in industrial design and modern homes. Stainless steel and aluminum shiny creates a shiny back splash for a contemporary setting; tin tiles can fit in with a traditional or vintage design.

For more ideas, there are my style magazines to help you with the look and feel that best suits you.

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